Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: VictSing DisplayPort To HDMI Cable

Thanks to VictSing for providing the cable for review.

Today I'm reviewing the VictSing DisplayPort to HDMI Cable for £6.59. The cable is 6 feet long so it's adequate for most cases. This is both a pro and con, but the cable has a kind of "clip" that locks it in place. This clip makes it hard to remove from the monitor, especially if the monitor has an awkward position like my Dell 4k Monitor. That means I had to use two hands to remove the cable. However, the clip means that it is port is securely in place.

Quality wise, it seems sturdy and like all DisplayPort the picture is quite clear.
I made the mistake thinking that it is reversible but it is not. It connects to a DisplayPort computer and connects to an HDMI port in the monitor. IT WILL NOT WORK the other way around ie HDMI --> DisplayPort. For £6.59, it's an average cost for a cable.

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