Sunday, October 30, 2016

Making the most of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a £79 service from Amazon (students only pay £39 per year and get a free 6 month trial) that enables free one-day delivery as well as access to Amazon's streaming service.

However, if you opt to ship your item with the slower 3-5 day shipping Amazon GIVES you £1 for each time you do that. Therefore, it would be beneficial to split each item into individual transaction.

Let's take an example.  Let's say you have 5 Prime eligible items you want to purchase. The easy way is to add all to the basket and check out all at once.  If you opt for the slower standard delivery you will only get £1 in Amazon digital voucher (that can be used to redeem digital downloads).  The smart way is to add only one of the five items into the basket and then checkout.  Then once you check out, rinse and repeat with the other remaining items.  That way you will get £1 for each time you checkout bagging you £5.  That's a difference of £4.

The £1 can also be accumulated.  I've bought a £4 movie a month ago using the £1 vouchers I've earned.  Please note that the  £1 digital download offer expires though but I forgot how long after the purchase that happens.  So contact Amazon customer service if you want to know.

Here's another sneak trick.  If one of the items was purchased using Prime one day delivery, there is a very high chance that all the unshipped items will be packed together with that prime item even though you selected a slower shipping speed with the other items.  Amazon is very savvy at saving money so why waste postage and send out a nearly empty box when you can stuff the box with the other items also going to the same customer.  That means you will get the other 4 items at Prime speed while also bagging £4 in mp3 vouchers.

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