Sunday, September 11, 2016

Review: VicTsing Electric Pencil Sharpener

Disclaimer: This product was provided by VicTsing in exchange for an unbiased review.

Today I'll be reviewing the VicTsing Pencil Sharpener, which sells on Amazon for £15.99.

Box contents. Pencil not included.
As seen in above, the sharpener comes with 1 spare blade core. However, I couldn't find the blade core for sale anywhere. So it's good that VicTsing provided one in the box.

The sharpener uses 4 AA batteries, which doesn't come in the box. With a potentially power hungry appliance I would probably get a rechargeable battery such as the Eneloop AA batteries.

The sharpener does the job well. The pencil comes out reasonable sharp. One thing I like about the sharpener is that it stops automatically when the pencil gets sharp. This prevents you getting stubby pencils from over sharpening.

Close up of sharpened pencil

The drawback of this pencil sharpener is its design. The core is behind a metal mesh, which traps the pencil shavings. Therefore, cleaning the sharpener isn't as simple as dumping the catchment container.

Container case
You have to unscrew the cage and then dump the trapped shavings.
In conclusion, the sharpener does the job well. For £15.99 it leans to the expensive size. Granted there are cheaper sharpeners, I can't vouch for their effectiveness.

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