Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: VicTsing 2-in-1 LED Camping Lantern and Flashlight

Disclaimer: This product was provided by VicTsing in exchange for an unbiased review.


  • Light weight
  • Dual use
  • AA battery
  • Low price
  • Feels sturdy
  • Not waterproof

I am reviewing the  VicTsing 2-in-1 LED Camping Lantern and Flashlight.  For £11.99 these flashlights are a steal!  With two flashlight in the box,  this works out to be about £6 per flashlight.  The package includes

  • 2 LED Camping Light
  • 6 AA Battery (hooray!).  Product uses 3 AA batteries
  • 1 User Manual

Box contents
Unlike traditional flashlights that uses large chunky D batteries, this product requires 3 AA batteries, which are included in the box (unlike those * batteries not included products).  Despite relying on AA batteries, light is surprisingly bright.

Lamp mode

Flashlight mode

As shown above, the product can switch between the two modes quite seamlessly.  The product works on a cycle.  The first press turns on the flashlight.  Second turns it off.  The third and fourth presses toggle the lantern on and off. With 3 AA batteries, I'm not sure how long it will last.  One reviewer said it lasted 7 hours for him.  But on the flip side is that you could use rechargeable AA batteries to save the cost of disposable ones.

The product is a bit plasticky and thus very light.  There's a convenient leather handle to use when in torch mode.  The handle isn't much use in lanturn mode as it becomes taut.  There is no indication of waterproofness of the product so I wouldn't use it anywhere near water.

For what it's worth, this is a sturdy low cost 2-in-1 LED Camping Lantern and Flashlight device.

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