Saturday, May 9, 2015

Update: Updated remarks to the Sims 4 review

Sorry guys for not posting in a long time.  I am really busy with university and all.

This is an update to the blog post Sims 4 is the most boring game there is posted last September.

I have had a chance to play the game on a University loan computer without the game crashing the PC.  And while the pools and ghost updates were a nice addition, many of the points made in the initial post still stands.

Due to the loading screens, I was really hesitated to switch lots.  The "needs" were really annoying and to use cheats enjoy the game.  Without the cheats, the needs constantly interrupt game play.  The cheats I most commonly use are:

TestingCheats True - This will enable an interactive cheat mode. After typingTestingCheats True into the command console, hold the Shift key and then click on objects or Sims to interact with them. It won't work if you aren't holding Shift. Check out the list of actions listed below.
  • Shift + Clicking on a Sim
  • Modify in CAS (Create-a-Sim) - Modify your Sim as you see fit
  • Cheat Need | Make Happy - Sets your Sim's needs to full and mood to happy
  • Cheat Need | Enable Need Decay - Your Sim's Needs will decay
I use the modify sims in CAS cheat to change female sims into male ones for the purpose of getting genetically related babies in lesbian couples.  However, this has the effect of resetting the relationships between the couples.  Although married, they become like strangers.

In addition, after playing for like 3 hours I got bored and uninstalled the game.

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