Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Google Assistant the singer

Google assistant is a spunky rival to Siri and Cortana.  While not the new kid on the block, she (or he as you can set a male option too by saying "OK google change your voice), is an excellent singer.  Just say "Sing [name of song]".

Below are some of the songs (I picked the funniest) she could sing:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: OMorc over the ear Bluetooth headphones.

I have re-reviewed the product with my Xperia Z5 premium and it didn't have the stuttering issue I got when testing with my Chromebook.  Also, the sound was slightly better.

As this proves your mileage will vary.

Today I'm reviewing the OMorc over the ear Bluetooth headphones, which as of this review cost £19.99.

On first look, the headphone felt plasticky.  I like the fact that the arms can fold to a slightly more compact size.  The cups were fairly comfortable but not my cup of tea.  I'm not too fond of over the ear headphone because of their bulkiness.  Also, I feel that the cups were not the most comfortable.

Soundwise, the quality sounds OK.  It's not the best headphone nor the best.  The headphone isn't exactly noise canceling but the cups cancel out some sound.

However, one fault of the headphone is that the sound slightly stutters if I moved my head when wearing the headphone.  Moving the headphone while the sound is playing also result in stuttering.