Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: Omorc Foot File

Today I'm reviewing the Omorc foot file for £22.19.  I got the product as  a free sample, but this won't influence my review.

Waterproof (ipx4)
Comes with 2 replacement

Turns off automatically

In the box is a useful instruction booklet, containing the all important information about the operation of the device a well as a short USB charging cable, 2 spare rollers, a cleaning brush, and the device itself. Also there is a cover that can be put on the device to protect the roller.

The product works as expected so nothing to comment on that aspect.  It removes dead skin as described.  The product has an IX4 rating, so it can withstand water splashes.  One thing I do not like about the product is that it turns off automatically after a certain amount of time.  Also, to charge the product, there is a small hole in the product.  However, the rubber is so thick that I was initially not sure whether I was in the charging hole or not.

All in all, it is a good product, but I do not like the auto turn off feature.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Omorc Smart Fitness Tracker

Today I'm reviewing the Omorc Smart Fitness Tracker with Sleep Monitor which cost £20.99.  I have received this device as a sample for review, but this won't influence my opinion of the device.


  • Comfortably fit on the hand
  • Does the job
  • Show time and date
  • Show notification


  • Non intuitive settings
  • Can show notification but cannot interact with them
  • Hard to put on the wrist

One thing I need to make it clear is that this fitness tracker is no smart watch.  It comes nowhere close to the Android Wear.  For example, although it can show notifications of incoming emails, you can't see the details of the emails.  In the same vein, although the device show incoming calls, there is no way to pick up the call without using the phone.  Furthermore, the "find your phone" feature never worked for me.

In addition, I feel the user interface is non intuitive it's clunky and hard to use.  It uses a combination of top to down swipe and left to wipe swipe to navigate the menu.  Also in the mix is tap to access a menu and then hard long press to select the menu item.

Wrist secure pongs
When I first got the device I had trouble registering to the Zeroner app.  However, apparently one of my attempts got through, but when I tried to reset my password, I wasn't able to.  It would say reset password sent but as of the writing of this email, I have received no reset password emails.  This is a severe oversight.

Now going to the physical aspect.  The watch is quick slick and goes on comfortably on the wrist.  However, instead of using the traditional clasp system found in traditional watches, it has two prongs that pushes into the hole bands.  To charge, the entire watch face has to be disconnected from the band to reveal a USB male port.  This is quite inconvenient to remove every time I need to charge.  Other reviewers list this as a pro but I find this a con as the rubber is quite stiff and I fear breaking it every time I remove the product from the band.

USB interface

Would I recommend the device?  No.  The non intuitive interface combined with the problem with the Zeroner companion app, and the charging mechanism prevent me from recommending this device.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review: VicTsing 20000mAh Power Bank with LED Flashlight

Today I'll be reviewing the VictSing 20000 mAh power bank with LED flash light.  The device costs £28.99 on Amazon.  VictSing has kindly provided a sample device but this would not influence my decision.


  • 20000 mAh, which can fully charge a Sony Xperia Z5 from flat to full at least once
  • Two out port to charge two devices simultaneously
  • Contain a flashlight
  • Charges using MicroUSB
  • Battery level indicator

  • Heavy
  • NOT Qualcomm QuickCharge.  Charges phone using standard charge.  Charges itself up with standard charge as well
  • Rather chunky
First off the bat you would notice is it's weight and the size.  This is not a light weight battery bank.  However, for it's size you get 20000 mAh of juice.  According to calculations, that is enough to fill the 3430 mAh Xperia Z5 Premium from flat about 5 times but I haven't personally tested the number of times you can fully recharge the phone.

Would I recommend the power bank?  No.  For the price you might as well get one with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3/2.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: VicTsing Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Today I will be reviewing the VictSing Qi Wireless charging pad.  The item cost £17.00
VictSing Qi Wireless Pad
 on Amazon.  I got the item for free from VictSing but this will not influence my review.

  • No bright light
  • Contemporary design
  • Pricey
This is perhaps one of the first device I have had that had no listed cons.  Unlike other Qi Pad I have, this didn't have a bright blue light that can disturb sleep.

It used micro usb to power the device.  It can charge other Qi compatible devices.

I definitely like the contemporary design.  It had some weight to it so it stayed in placed compared to my usual pad.
Victsing Qi pad reverse side
When adapting (automatically) to fast charging, the LED light will be green, rather than blue.  But this only work with compatible phones like Samsung Galaxy S7.

Is this a device I would recommend?  Yes, but it verge on the expensive size.  There are cheaper Qi wireless pads out there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review: VictSing Professional LED Optical 5500 Gaming Mouse

Thanks to VictSing to providing a sample of the wired Professional LED Optical 5500 gaming.  The mouse sells for £11.99 on Amazon.


  • Can control DPI without software
  • Have dedicated button for double click
  • Quite ergonomic
  • No side scrolling.  You can't tilt the middle wheel to side scroll.
  • A little too wide for my taste
  • Wired mouse
  • No free scrolling present in Logitech mouse devices

I am reviewing the VictSing Professional LED Optical 5500 gaming mouse.   The mouse feel quite comfortable in my hand.  However, it was a little too light and too wide for my taste.

One plus of the mouse is that can change the dpi to the following: 1000DPI / 1600DPI / 2400DPI / 3200DPI /5500DPI.  In addition, the side light indicate the DPI being used.  It also pulsate when not in use.  The mouse also have a tiny double click button to the left.  According to VictSing it is used for fire during games.

In conclusion, for £11.99 I think it is a comfortable wired mouse.  But it nowhere set the standard set by the Logitech MX Master mouse (which cost £71.99 on Amazon).